The acee is a community of interests which, against the background of increasing competition and increasing size of the engineering companies, creates improved conditions for members participating in international, especially European, tenders. We assume the members are independent consulting companies which have the intention to stay independent and take part in the future, rapidly changing consulting world. The members have no obligations to cooperate with other partners. They are all free to compete with other acee members.

acee, however, creates a platform of comprehensive support for any member, who may find it advantageous to form a joint venture or needs experts in a special field, looks for additional man power or larger capacity. Other members can also provide additional, up-to-date references. In some cases, EU - tenders require two or three consultants from different European countries. Thus the need for international partners will increase.

To make acee a powerful tool for independent consultants, the members will have an appropriate quality level, required for succesful participation in international competitions. The members will care for personal contact, visit the offices of the other members and thus obtain a good picture of quality and capacity of the potential partners. General gatherings will also give the members opportunity to strengthen contacts.

To improve the quality of tender documents, references and CV's of the individual members should have a uniform standard.

Standard joint venture contracts and standard contracts of other form of cooperation shall be prepared and agreed upon and be obligatory for any form of cooperation between the members.

The acee will present itself with a brochure containing fields of work, capacity, expertize and resources of all members together. This brochure can be used by the members, also for projects where no other member is involved.

We are confident, acee will improve the ability of the members to react to tenders in terms of promptness as well as quality. In addition, the preparatory work of the acee organisation will lower the cost of acquisition considerably.

Executive Committee

PresidentGerhard Bjoernsen, Koblenz, Germany